8.2. CXS models

CXS models.

8.2.1. Single Ray Attenuator

class cherab.core.model.attenuator.singleray.SingleRayAttenuator

Trigger beam attenuation calculation


Returns the beam density at the specified point.

The point is specified in beam space.

  • x – x coordinate in meters.

  • y – y coordinate in meters.

  • z – z coordinate in meters.


Density in m^-3.

8.2.2. CXS Beam Plasma Intersection

class cherab.core.model.beam.charge_exchange.BeamCXLine

Calculates CX emission for a beam.

  • line

  • step – integration step in meters



Called if the plasma, beam or the atomic data source properties change.

If the model caches calculation data that would be invalidated if its source data changes then this method may be overridden to clear the cache.


Calculate the emission for a point on the beam in a specified direction.

Models implementing this method must add their spectral response to the supplied spectrum object. The spectrum units are spectral radiance per meter (W/m^3/str/nm).

  • beam_point – Point in beam space.

  • plasma_point – Point in plasma space.

  • beam_direction – Beam axis direction in plasma space.

  • observation_direction – Observation direction in plasma space.

  • spectrum – Spectrum to which emission should be added.


Updated Spectrum object.