1. Welcome

Welcome to the Cherab project. A python library for forward modelling diagnostics based on spectroscopic plasma emission.

Please note that these documentation pages are under heavy development and might not become stable until we have finished migrating the source code to github.

Contributions from the fusion community are welcome. Further details will be posted soon on our recommended way of contributing. In the mean time, interested collaborators should make contact with Dr Carine Giroud (Project Leader) and Dr Matthew Carr (Core Developer) at CCFE, Oxfordshire, UK.

The following authors have contributed to the project:

1.1. Current Development Team

  • Matthew Carr (Core Developer)

  • Alex Meakins (Architect/Core Developer)

  • Alfonso Baciero (Model development)

  • Carine Giroud (JET Project Management)

1.2. Contributors

  • Corentin Bertrand (Code)

  • Andrea Callarelli (Code)

  • Jack Lovell (Code)

  • Nick Hawkes (Physics)

  • Ephrem Delabie (Physics)

  • Andy Meigs (Physics)

1.3. Project History

Prior to the public release, large scale development was performed by the JET project team. Due to the inclusion of private intellectual property it was not possible to release the full development history of the code prior to the github release. For more information on the development of the code prior to this point, please contact the JET project.

1.4. Citations

Cherab does not yet have a published overview paper, one is planned in the near future. Until then you can cite:

“M. Carr, A. Meakins, A. Baciero, M. Bernert, A. Callarelli, A. Field, C. Giroud, J. Harrison, N. Hawkes, S. Henderson and B. Lipschultz, Towards integrated data analysis of divertor diagnostics with ray-tracing. 44th EPS Conference on Plasma Physics (2017), Belfast, Northern Ireland UK.”

You can also cite the code base itself:

“Dr Carine Giroud, Dr Alex Meakins, Dr Matthew Carr, Dr Alfonso Baciero, & Mr Corentin Bertrand. (2018, March 23). Cherab Spectroscopy Modelling Framework (Version v0.1.0). Zenodo. http://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.1206142

1.5. Publications

Noteable publications on or using the Cherab framework: