8.6. Bremsstrahlung

class cherab.core.model.plasma.bremsstrahlung.Bremsstrahlung

Emitter that calculates bremsstrahlung emission from a plasma object.

The bremmstrahlung formula implemented is equation 2 from M. Beurskens, et. al., ‘ITER LIDAR performance analysis’, Rev. Sci. Instrum. 79, 10E727 (2008),

\[\epsilon (\lambda) = \frac{0.95 \times 10^{-19}}{\lambda 4 \pi} g_{ff} n_e^2 Z_{eff} T_e^{1/2} \times \exp{\frac{-hc}{\lambda T_e}},\]

where the emission \(\epsilon (\lambda)\) is in units of radiance (ph/s/sr/m^3/nm).


Calculate the emission for a point in the plasma in a specified direction.

Models implementing this method must add their spectral response to the supplied spectrum object. The spectrum units are spectral radiance per meter (W/m^3/str/nm).

If a model has a directional response, the model should pass through its own reference axis e.g. Thomsen scattering laser direction.

  • point – Point in plasma space.

  • direction – Direction in plasma space.

  • spectrum – Spectrum to which emission should be added.


Updated Spectrum object.