10.2. Materials

See the Raysect reference documentation for the full catalogue of materials and associated API interfaces. In Cherab we provide a few useful materials.

class cherab.tools.emitters.radiation_function.RadiationFunction

Bases: raysect.optical.material.emitter.inhomogeneous.InhomogeneousVolumeEmitter

A general purpose radiation material.

Radiates power over 4 pi according to the supplied 3D radiation function. Note that this model ignores the spectral range of the observer. The power specified will be spread of the entire observable spectral range. Useful for calculating total radiated power loads on reactor wall components.

Note that the function will be evaluated in the local space of the primitive to which this material is attached. For radiation functions defined in a different coordinate system, consider wrapping this in a VolumeTransform material to ensure the function evaluation takes place in the correct coordinate system.

  • radiation_function (Function3D) – A 3D radiation function that specifies the amount of radiation to be radiated at a given point, \(\phi(x, y, z)\) [W/m^3].

  • step (float) – The scale length for integration of the radiation function.

>>> from cherab.tools.emitters import RadiationFunction
>>> # define your own 3D radiation function and insert it into this class
>>> def rad_function_3d(x, y, z): return 0
>>> radiation_emitter = RadiationFunction(rad_function_3d)